[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

On Tuesday, Rand Paul announced that he was running for Misleader of the Unfree World… or, as they call it, President of the US.

This announcement has caused a rapacious debate in the libertarian community which, as an umbrella, includes anarchists and small government minarchists/constitutionalists.

Those who would like to see the US government return to strict adherence to the Constitution (which would mean closing almost every agency in the US government) were mostly gleeful.  Interestingly, many anarchists have come out in support of Rand running for President… and then there is a very vocal group of anarchists that are disgusted at any support for government or politicians in any way.

Name calling and angry arguments have been all over the libertarian web with some people calling others the worst thing you could possibly call someone, “You’re not an anarchist!”  In fact, I am pretty sure I will be accused of this in the comments of this very article.

Before I give my take on this development I just want to say one thing, “Everybody calm down!”  Libertarians are a tiny percentage of the population in the Land of the UnFree and so infighting amongst ourselves is not very productive.


To begin, I love his father.  Ron Paul, also known as Dr. No (for virtually saying no to every piece of legislation put in front of him unless it was to reduce the size of government) is, in my opinion, an anarchist.

Let him tell you in his own words what he thinks about “this great idea” of anarchy.

Some of the more extreme anarchists will retort, “He’s not an anarchist!  He worked for/with the government!”

Yeah, so?  He, by all his actions, showed that he did so as a way to slow the growth of government as much as he possibly could.  The leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Tim Moen, is an anarchist.  You can be an anarchist and still work to reduce the size of government from within.

Government isn’t real.  It’s just an idea. You can’t point to any physical object and say it is “the government”. Government is really just a bunch of people in costumes listening to other people in costumes, committing massive crimes.

And so, to get rid of this bad idea we have to change people’s idea of government.

Ron Paul has proven, irrefutably, that you can change people’s idea of government via the political system.  He may have created more libertarians than anyone else alive today.  And, of course, the only difference between a libertarian and an anarchist is six months.  Once you get 98% of the way down the path, if you just keep thinking, the other 2% will eventually go with it.

The US isn’t ready for anarchy yet.  It’s not even ready for small government libertarianism yet.  The people in the American soyuz have been so heavily indoctrinated into statism, with little kids in the government indoctrination camps forced to swear their pledge of allegiance to the state that two things are necessary for any form of libertarianism to prosper in the US.

The first is a major collapse of the current system.  That is already well underway and it is going to be messy.  The other thing, however, is to get our ideas out there so that when it all collapses and President Killary Clinton and Vice-President Michelle O’Bomber announce that the dollar collapsed and most people lost everything because of capitalism, we have enough people out there who will not fall for it.

For this reason I support anarchists in the political system.  And the anarchist movement may be the fastest growing movement in the world today.  Certainly libertarianism is.  In Brazil, as example, the Mises Institute of Brazil has over 100,000 likes on Facebook and anti-government rallies are full of hundreds of thousands of people, some with signs like “We Need Capitalism” and people wearing Rothbard and Mises shirts wanting to shut down the central bank.

As for Rand Paul, himself, I don’t have any strong opinions.  I haven’t followed him nearly as much as I followed his father.  I’ve seen him say numerous incredibly libertarian things… and I’ve also seen him say some very statist things.  I’ve also seen him wearing a yamaka at the Wailing Wall in Israel… which mostly just says to me that he REALLY wants to be President.  Because you can’t win the Presidential selection if you don’t get the approval of the Zionists.

Just like when Ron Paul ran for President my feelings are mixed.  Part of me just wants to see Killary burn everything to the ground so we can just start again without them.  But, another part of me wouldn’t mind seeing a US President actually saying incredibly libertarian things on the television programming at night.  However, the US will see a massive collapse no matter what anyone does now so if he did win and the dollar collapsed and the US economy was decimated then many will blame it on his libertarian ideas.

In any case, he probably won’t win.  He probably won’t even win the Republican ticket as it is highly rigged as Ron Paul found out.  But in the process perhaps he can bring more people to the libertarian movement and that is nothing but a good thing.

My dream, crazy as it may be, is that Rand is an anarchist like his father and he, like every Presidential candidate, is lying about many of the things he says he wants to do and then once he gets sworn in he shuts down almost every single agency of the US federal government immediately.  And the ones he doesn’t shut down immediately he phases out so as to cause the least amount of destruction possible until all 50 states in the US become their own sovereign state.  Then we work on getting rid of those until every city is its own sovereign state.  And then, ultimately, there are 315 million sovereign states in the geographical region known as the United States.

One can dream, can’t he?

But, in reality, no matter what happens, the debt built up by the US government and the move away from the US dollar worldwide have already baked in the cake a collapse of biblical proportions.  For that reason it is best to focus on preparing for that collapse (subscribe to TDV here for more information on surviving and prospering during and after the dollar collapse) rather than focusing on the poor sucker who is sitting in the Oval Office when it does.

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