[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

Here at The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) we feel that 2015 will be a crucial year in The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI).  As we will be pointing out to TDV subscribers (subscribe here) in our next issue all the stars seem to be aligning for a monumental shift in the coming months.

As such, we want to bring in a number of experts to discuss where we are at and what they are doing.

Our first guest is Jim Rogers who has embodied many of the themes we have at TDV.  He thinks central banks and governments are ruining the economy and is expecting a monumental crisis.  He also has left the USSA to live in Singapore and is raising his children to speak Mandarin to prepare them for a better future.  And we asked him if he has considered renouncing his US citizenship.

Here is our conversation: