[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

If you are ever in public and overhear someone saying, “There should be a law”, slowly and without making eye contact move away from that person.  What that person has just suggested is that he/she wants to use violence against people for whatever arbitrary non-violent action they don’t like.

Last month, the infamous group of internet nerds, 4Chan, posted the following photo:

The photo appears to be a hefty man happily dancing at a party and then a subsequent photo of him looking sad after he saw the photographers laughing at him and this photo went quite viral.

Now, if you are a violent statist who wants to “right this wrong”, like Dr. Sarah Jackson, your idea is to try to get the mafia (government) to go around and try to find anyone who laughs at a fat person and kidnap them.  “If weight was a protected category it might help to reduce the prevalence of weight-related discrimination and thereby improve quality of life and wellbeing for a significant proportion of obese individuals,” added Jackson, calling for the Equality Act 2010 to be amended to protect the obese from “discrimination”.

Sarah Jackson, by the way, is exactly the kind of person you should be very careful around.

On the other hand, anarcho-capitalist Cassandra Fairbanks took the peaceful and noble free-market approach to trying to right this wrong.

She sent out the following Tweet:

Through the power of the internet is was only a matter of hours before #DancingManFound was trending and this was posted to Twitter:

Since then it has truly exploded.  Cassandra was approached by Pharrell and Moby to perform at the dance party, the LA Coliseum has offered its facilities for free and CBS and ABC are currently fighting over the rights to broadcast it.  It has even expanded beyond LA to an event in New York now.

Now, which persons approach, Dr. Sarah Jackson’s or Cassandra Fairbank’s do you prefer?  Sarah, clearly a violent and fascistic person, wants money to be extorted from people (taxes) and then use that money to pay guys with guns to go around and kidnap people if they are caught laughing at a fat person.  Statism is the way of violence and not taking personal responsibility.

Cassandra, on the other hand, chose the way of love, took personal responsibility and it resulted in more than righting the wrong but also got hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, excited about her solution.

I had the opportunity to interview Cassandra last week about the Dancing Man Tweet that changed the world.