[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

Richard Heathen’s new movie (part 1 of 3) has just been released and is now on YouTube for free.

“Hidden Influence: The Rise Of Collectivism” may be one of the best films yet that gives proof of how nearly all of the problems of today have been planned for decades.  It gives an incredibly fascinating insight into the financial and social engineering that we have been subject to and how it is playing out in our lives today.

Numerous great thought leaders are featured in the film including Walter Block, G. Edward Griffin, Tim Moen, James Corbett and even myself.  It also includes insights from audio footage of Murray Rothbard and others.

The film shows how easily ideas can change the world as communism/socialism/marxism changed the last century so dramatically (and for the worse).  The final 10 minutes of the film are the best as it shows the optimism and real potential for hope and change for the individualist movement.

Grab some popcorn and check it out:

This is just the first in a three part series and so please help promote it in anyway you can.  Also, you can buy DVD copies or Video-On-Demand versions to support the filmmaker.  Also, of course, bitcoin or fiat money donations would also be appreciated as a lot of time and money goes into making these films.

As well, do what you can to get this film on other mediums.  Contact your local television station, lobby to get it on Netflix and tell the people who put movies in places like hotels and airplanes to get it on.

The filmmaker, Richard Heathen, is Canadian so it has a bit of a Canadian angle but this film is a must watch for anyone who lives in the Western world today and wonders why all these crazy collectivist and societal events are happening.

There is also another way you can help effect change.  Richard is one of the organizers for the Libertarian Party of Canada and they are trying to get a candidate running in every riding.  If you live in Canada and want to run please contact Richard at richard.heathen@libertarian.ca.

Some may ask, “But I thought you were an anarchist, why are you supporting a political party”.  The answer is that we need to do everything we can to effect change at every level.  Canada, in my opinion, has one of the best opportunities to effect freedom via the political system.  It is known for supporting totally unusual political candidates like Rob Ford.  Former Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau was quite famous for giving the finger to the media and Jean Chretien once punched a protester in the face.  Canadians in general like a real person in politics over the professional politician and are more open to new/different ideas than Americans in general in political terms.

The leader of the Libertarian Party, Tim Moen, is an anarchist and almost all past Libertarian Party leaders were anarchists as well including Katie Chowne.  And the founder of the party, Sieg Pedde is also an anarchist and recently attendedAnarchapulco.

I’d like to see an anarchist in the debates in every single riding.  Will they get elected?  Probably not… but as Ron Paul showed the main point of running is to spread the message of liberty… a message not many people have heard in a long time.

After a number of years of having libertarians in the debates (and some likely getting elected) it will cause an awareness shift towards liberty.

So, again, please watch the film above, spread it, like it, share it, subscribe to the channel and buy/donate if you can.  And, if you live in Kanada, contact Richard about running for the Anarchist Party (oh sorry, they call it Libertarian Party still) of Canada in your riding!

Heck, I’m even considering running!  My platform is pretty simple, “Shut ‘er Down”.

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