[The following post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

Just hours ago, this happened:

Mario Draghi, Chief Bankster of the European Central Bank (ECB), was trying to give a press conference when a woman jumped up onto the table in front of him shouting “End the ECB dictatorship”, or as she spelled it on her shirt, “Dick-tatorship”.

Here was a photo of her being carried away.

This comes on the heels of last month’s riots in Frankfurt, Germany, at the opening of the ECB’s new headquarters.

It has yet to be reported on the woman’s motives but some speculation revolves around her being “anti-austerity” – another word for “anti-austerity” is “anti-stop-spending-what-you-don’t-have”.  However, the press conference was held in Frankfurt and she looks and sounds German and so she may just be against the central bank as an institution (and rightfully so).

In either case it is clear that the ECB is not very welcome by many in Germany.  In fact, the biggest protests against the US Federal Reserve central banking cartel are also based out of Germany as Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change reported last year.

Whatever the motive for scaring the pants off of Draghi, one thing is clear, whether you are German or Greek, you are not happy with this centralized system of the Eurozone nor the Central Banks.

As with all things, the more centralized they get, the worse they get.  Trying to coalesce numerous countries in Europe under one central bank was doomed to failure from the beginning and will only get worse the longer it lasts.

The only issue is one of understanding the problem.  Hopefully many in the anti-Fed and anti-ECB movement in Germany realize that the whole problem is in having a centralized government and centralized central bank for the entire European Union.

In Greece many are also upset but many are upset about “austerity”.  In other words, as I said above, they are against a bankrupt government stopping giving them things it doesn’t have.  It’s unworkable.

This is how all centralized/socialist systems devolve.  They always end up in flames and violence.

This photo from a recent protest in socialist Canada shows how these things always end up.

That is a photo of a socialist/communist student protesting government cuts to “education”.  The man pointing a smoke grenade launcher at his face is a socialized police officer with a sticker on the back of his motorcycle helmet protesting government cuts to his pension!

And don’t think they won’t just shoot someone in the face with one of those either.

Whatever the reason, people are waking up to the scam of central banking… some may have the wrong reasons for disliking them but almost everyone dislikes them.  Except for the people on Wall Street.

When “austerity” comes to the US, and it will come soon, expect the same sorts of violence and protests.  We are in the final days of this centrally planned financial and monetary system and it is only going to get worse from here.

Gold has played its role in protecting those with assets in places like the Eurozone, having risen from near 900 euros per ounce to over 1,100 euros per ounce in the next year.

Those in the US should look to hard assets such as gold and silver to protect themselves from the collapse to come.

As TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, wrote in the latest issue of The Dollar Vigilante (subscribe here), there hasn’t been a better time than now to buy gold and silver for Americans in a long time.  In tomorrow’s TDV Blog we’ll publish a selected portion of his commentary on why he is urging Americans to get into precious metals and selected precious metals stocks now… because what is happening in the Eurozone is coming to America.