[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

One of the things that happens when you are constantly fed propaganda via the news and movies about what a great, free country you live in is that many people won’t wake up to reality until something happens directly to them.

Take comedian Chris Rock for example.  We’ve poked fun at his slave mentality numerous times in the past when he has made statements like, “The President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country.”

And recently we sighed when he made the statement that if people didn’t like getting beat up by cops they “shouldn’t break the law”.

But Chris may be starting to wake up to the reality that he lives in a police state now that he has been pulled over three times in the last seven weeks “for no reason whatsoever” by road pirates (some call them police).

Each time he has taken a selfie and posted on Twitter, usually with the caption, “Stopped by the cops again. Wish me luck.”

You may say that he gets pulled over so much because he’s black but, in Police State USA, even when he was on the reality show, “Comedians Getting Coffee” in Jerry Seinfeld’s car they were pulled over.

Highway extortion rackets are rampant in the US and barely anyone doesn’t go more than a few months without coming into a life and death encounter with armed extortionists (police) who at the very least will want to see your “Papers, please”.


In what has become a bizarre progression of the nanny state combined with the police state numerous people are even now finding themselves locked up in mental health facilities when they aren’t being beaten or extorted by police.

One man, in San Mateo, California, also was not aware of just how crazy things are getting in the US.

After finding out that Facebook has a “suicide prevention” program he decided to make a fake post alluding to his problems with the banking cartels in the US and how they may take his home from him (this now happens all the time – either taken by the fascist banking system or like more than 100,000 Detroit residents who may lose their homes over their inability to pay their property tax extortion fees due to the poor economy caused by the government and central banks).

In his post on Facebook he stated, “I think about hanging myself from the Golden Gate bridge with a big sign that says Bank of America killed me”.

In response, a person on Facebook who didn’t even know him personally submitted it to Facebook’s suicide prevention department and a friend of his, clearly not aware of the police state they live in, actually called the police!

Here is his account of what happened next:

Yes, due to one Facebook post where he said he should just hang himself due to what Bank of America has done to him he ended up sleeping on the floor for 72 hours and forcibly having blood extracted in inhumane conditions.

In a more normal world any of his close friends or family would contact him if they were concerned.  In the bizarre world of today people he doesn’t even know submit his post to a “suicide prevention” hotline and he is then met by people with guns and taken to a torture facility.

These kind of things happen all the time in the USSA now.

In another instance some police stole a woman’s car because they suspected she had been smoking marijuana.  She got upset and was trying to tell them who she was and stated, “Obama follows me on Twitter”.

The police say that was reason enough to consider her “delusional” and forced her against her will into a mental health facility for eight days.

Here’s the kicker.  @BarackObama does follow her on Twitter!


The amount of people in the US who have been shot by police who were called because a person was suicidal or to “check on their welfare” is epidemic.

At this point in the US it is best to stay out of the clutches of any government “services”, especially the police, as the police are some of the most dangerous people in society today.  Over 1,100 people were killed by police in the US in 2014.

And for those who say the police have a dangerous job and that we should respect and admire them…  If you think that then you should respect and admire truck drivers, loggers, fisherman, roofers and construction laborers even more as they have even more dangerous jobs… and they don’t even extort people either!

But, prime-time television programming and movies isn’t full of shows every night talking about the brave and valiant roofers who keep our homes dry.

Because of that, unfortunately, many people won’t wake up to the reality of the US fasco-communist police nanny state that has grown up around them until it affects them personally.  And by then it may be too late.

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